We boost outcomes by optimizing relationships between physicians and organizations.

Healthcare Demands Are Growing

The U.S. population is older, sicker, and growing in numbers, factors which will result in a projected 70% increase in overall demand for healthcare by 2034.

42% Older

The U.S. population aged over 65 years is projected to grow by 42% by 2034.

70% Sicker

An older population has greater health care needs. Current projections suggest a 70% increase in demand by 2034.

massive physician shortage in the coming decade, graph

The Association of American Medical Colleges projects a massive physician shortage in the coming decade

The U.S. is facing a shortage of between 37,800 to 124,000 physicians by 2034. This range is dependent on various factors, including retirement age, expansion of medical training programs, and growth of advanced practice providers.

massive physician shortage in the coming decade, graph

Access to healthcare is a problem for much of our country. Distance and lack of transportation can prohibit medical care, particularly for those with lower socioeconomic status. And while telemedicine can bridge the distance gap, many are still left with poor access due to the digital divide. Telehealth expansion of clinical services using a tailored, physician-led approach, can bridge these gaps and improve care delivery.

— Dr. Nirmal Kaur


Healthcare is Increasingly Complex

Consolidation of organizations, innovation in care delivery, and incorporation of artificial intelligence are just a few of the changes we are all experiencing.  In light of the looming physician shortage, implementing change while maintaining and even IMPROVING physician relationships is CRITICAL.


Our WhySyncoro Health Bridges the Divide

nurse comforting patient

We Listen

Relationships between physicians and partnering organizations are often perceived as strained. Evaluating the root causes and hearing all stakeholders is paramount. 

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We Learn

We assess your organization, community, physician relationships, research infrastructure, and markets, to identify meaningful connections.

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We Connect

Syncoro Health is able to have meaningful conversations with physicians and develop ways to improve care delivery. Given the looming national physician shortage, improving relationships with our current physician workforce is key.

What We Do

Engage Physicians

Relationships with physicians in both primary and secondary service areas, using strategic referral and market analytics, enhances catchment area and aligns physicians and organizations.

We identify gaps, connections between physicians, and clinical differentiators. Strategic leverage of this information strengthens relationships with physicians both in and out of market.

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Customized Service Expansion into Existing and New Markets

  • Relationship-preserving 
  • Community-focused
  • Driven by valid and reliable data
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Build Clinical Partnerships with Neighboring Organizations

  • Community-focused to bridge disparities
  • Driven by valid and reliable data
  • Relationship-enhancing
Advance Practice Provider Integration

APP Integration

  • Led by Specialty Physicians
  • Customized processes for each specialty
  • Preserves the need for Physician oversight
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Improve Access

  • Expand specialty services
  • Bridge the Digital Divide using telemedicine centers
  • Advanced Practice Provider Integration

Optimize with Syncoro Health

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